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Eng. Luigi Spedini, graduated in Engineering after the Classical High School. Designer and inventor.Mr. Spedini has dozens of patents to his credit, including the rectangular above-ground swimming pool with flexible walls. Entrepreneur, industrialist, known to the public for having created "Piscine Laghetto" imitated all over the world. His innovative vision has changed the approach to the world of water, transforming the swimming pool into a design object. The Piscine Laghetto company was purchased in 2017 by the multinational Fluidra. Since the 1970s, Mr. Spedini collaborates with Enea to the research and development of systems to produce green alternative energy obtaining important patents. In the early 2000s he founded SB Solar, now SBS Solar, companies that produce innovative photovoltaic systems. In 2001 he founded Ecomembrane, a company which carries out research and development on membrane gasometer technologies. Today Ecomembrane is a world leader in the production of flexible storage solutions and components for biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and energy storage plants.


Visionair Lab Srl is an innovative startup founded in 2020 by Luigi Spedini and Michele Boni.

The company deals with the design and development of systems, machines, patents, prototypes in the field of fluid mechanics and architecture. More specifically, Visionair Lab Srl is currently engaged in the development of systems for the confinement of space and the purification of the environment using air barriers.

The company Visionairlab Srl collaborates closely with various companies / universities / experts in the field of mechanics and electronics.


Michele Boni, (Visionair Lab co-founder), architect/aerodesigner, has a post graduate Master at the Architectural Association of London, doctorate in architecture in co-tutorship between the universities of Paris 8 and Firenze, he has taught architectural design at different faculties of architecture in France, Italy and Switzerland. He currently teaches at the design faculty of the University of Nimes and is a member of the Projekt research unit (EA 7447 – Design et Social Innovation). Since 1996, his research has focused on the use of air as a building material. In 2011 he founded Aria Engineering Srl. In collaboration with various engineering companies and research laboratories has developed and patented interactive systems to obtain open air comfortable environments protected from wind and atmospheric agents thanks only to the use of air barriers: Frontières d’air® (2008), Windhunter® (2011), Smog stopper (2018). He published "l’Architecture de la bulle d’air" Publisher Les Presses du réel (Dijon 2019) and "Habiter l'air", Publisher Gallimard (Alternative Collection, Paris 2020). His new manuscript, which has just submitted to a publisher, is called "Aeroclimatic Contemporary Houses".